The Nerve Solution

-Proudly Serving Western Colorado-

Welcome To The Nerve Solution!

The Nerve Solution is an alternative holistic health practice located in beautiful Grand Junction, Colorado! I provide nerve release therapy services as a Licensed Massage Therapist. What is nerve release therapy? We have over 300 nerves in the human body and over 100 billion neurons! Our nerves can get caught between muscles, in the fascia, and around our bones. When our nerves get caught, they get irritated and cause the muscle to tighten. This tightening can cause discomfort and pain and even pull us out of balance! This is where I come in. I free up these caught nerves, allowing the muscles to relax and the body to re-balance itself! The human body has incredible self-healing abilities built in!

I look forward to seeing you in my office and discovering what I can do to help YOU get back to living YOUR best life!