The Nerve Solution

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Nerve Release Therapy (NRT) is a theory of achieving whole-body balance through the targeted release of entrapped nerves. This technique is applied to directly impact the alignment and balance of the soft tissue systems of the body and indirectly impacts the balance and alignment of the skeletal system. This balancing is effected through carefully applied “flicks” or circular massage strokes, which are aimed at releasing nerves. These nerves have become trapped in the fascia, between muscles, and around boney structures resulting in a malfunction of the nervous system, which pulls the soft tissue systems and, by extension, the skeletal structure out of balance. Once these nerves are released, the soft tissue systems return to alignment, and the body rebalances itself. Total balance is possible through the creation of artificial movement by the therapist (I.E., moving the patient’s limbs in circles). This allows the body the opportunity to return to optimal balance and health.

To accomplish full body alignment, the NRT practitioner must view the body as a whole, with every part of it connected and influenced by every other part. For example, a foot that is out of balance may contribute to the patient’s back or neck stiffness. When viewed as a whole system, the body forms an intricate network of soft and rigid structures, all held together and controlled by the neurofascial system. The NRT technique functions off of the theory that the body is a system of energy controlled by the neurofascial system. By influencing the neurofascial system, full body balance and alignment can be achieved.

The depth of stroke used by the therapist is generally superficial. NRT is not a deep tissue technique. Though a comparatively gentle and superficial stroke is used, it may be accompanied by a brief painful sensation caused by the targeted nature of the therapy, similar to trigger point therapy. These painful sensations can make the patient feel like the pressure being applied is greater than it actually is. Superficial bruising may occur on thin tissue structures (I.E., the sternum) or on those who bruise easily, such as the anemic. NRT technique is a massage technique and does not employ the use of any chiropractic adjustments or manipulations. This lack of brute force makes this an ideal technique for all ages, from the newborn to the very old. NRT carries minimal risk of serious injury, given the harmless and gentle nature of the applied “flicks” and the lack of deep pressure. Residual soreness can sometimes be a side effect, as with all bodywork, but it usually fades and disappears within a couple of days.

NRT is a valuable technique for achieving full body alignment for all ages through the use of gentle “flicks” that carry no risk of serious injury, considering the lack of any major stretching or deep tissue techniques. Compared to many other modalities of bodywork, the light pressure and the lack of aggressive stretching render this modality highly effective with a very low risk of side effects.